Sunday, June 6, 2010

welcome to the family

(sweet ruby,
all i can say is that i am doing my best to teach your sister to be gentle...
but she's a lover, just like her momma.)

my daughter likes to hug her new baby sister.
so far, no bruises, just some smashed newborn body parts here and there.
so, it all starts innocently with, "mommy, roro hold baby ruby"
she points out baby ruby's body parts...
and then goes in for the lovin'
a little closer
ruby begins to look kind of stressed
but is powerless to her big sister's 2 year old strength
finally, i intervene since ruby is completely smashed up
little m, happy as can be and oblivious to her poor sister's distress
apparently the pain isn't too bad because seconds later ruby is ready for a nap


  1. i love "mama, roro hold baby ruby"...and i like ruby's onsie. Felipa sent that as a gift for sadie, so it brings fond thoughts...

  2. sweetness. i am going away this week but will be back on the 19th. i will bring you a big fat meal and lots of love for the girls. see you then.

  3. This is too funny- our boys are 20 months apart, and we had the same "squishy love," lol. They are going to be so great together- sisters are awesome!

  4. Speaking as the younger daughter (the Squishee), I can assure you that sisterly affection, however aggressive, is some of the best in the world. I don't know how many thousands of times I fell asleep leaning against my sister in the back of the car, on the school bus, etc. She was always my rock and my comfort. Big Sisters are the best.

  5. those are the cutest pictures ever!

  6. They are so cute!!!!! Love this.

  7. I wonder where Monrovia learned to super snuggle like that? hhhmmmm.

  8. i just have to say again how much i love love love this post.


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