Tuesday, June 29, 2010

this post doesn't even deserve a title because it's lame

(unrelated to anything in this post
but just cute of my mom and ruby.
reminds me of this picture of m when she was a newborn napping on matt)

i have multiple longer, more meaningful posts on my mind, but i am tired.
i need to sleep.
and i am just so behind in everything in life these days,
although i did pay all the bills yesterday
(i know, this is a gripping post, isn't it.)

i still haven't figured out the whole get everything done with two kids thing.
maybe i need to let go of the getting everything done.
but how about getting ANYTHING done? is that too much to ask?

and also, suddenly ants invaded our house. i hate ants.

{finally, happy anniversary to the ogdens & juliens!
happy 8th and 36th respectively!}

extra final note, this friday july 2nd is my mom's birthday.
so if you know her and you want to shower her with lovin',
you should.
because she deserves it.

super extra final note: i am telling you, these ants are everywhere.
an ant is crawling on my leg!
i hate these silly ants!!!!


  1. When we lived in northern California, we got Ant Invasions regularly -- but usually in the winter, when it was raining all the time. And I mean Invasion -- like I'd come home from school and find that the entire kitchen counter was a black, seething, pulsating mound of tiny bodies. And it's not like you can just hose down your entire kitchen counter with Raid (and you shouldn't, because household and commercial pesticides have been linked to ADHD). So I'd soak paper towels and then just sweep thousands of them at a time into a trash can.

    We had lots of spiders, too. Big black ones with fat legs and a lot of hair. I won't tell you what my Spider Removal Technique involved; it was elaborate.

    Oh, and earthquakes. Big ones.

    Man, I miss California.

  2. hi friend. what a great picture of your mom and ruby!

    you are in the thick of the hard, newborn time (sleep deprivation, lots of nursing). adding another little one to the mix is a lot to handle! But, never fear...it will get better/easier and before long soon you'll be the queen of multi-tasking. (though you'll never find enough time for laundry!) (:

  3. julia, admit it though- your humidity trumps our ants & spiders!

    thanks kac, i think i would feel so much better if i got a maternity leave. since i don't i just feel like i should be working and the reality is i just can't. so trying to meet these deadlines is just not happening. so even on a good day of getting things done with the girls, in the house, etc. i feel like i haven't accomplished enough because i haven't gotten any freelance done.

  4. try to stop the ants with baby powder...sprinkle it on the floor! see you at 1 ish with food in my hands.

  5. i hate ants. i love everything about summer but those freaking ants. always hit us in august.


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