Wednesday, June 9, 2010

please pack your brushes & go

for those of you that have been friends with me for a long time but you are not an artist, you've heard (but not experienced) the art critiques i have been in for ages....all throughout undergrad and graduate school.

critiques are essentially what you may have seen on a show like project runway or top chef but with art instead of fashion or food: you make a piece of art, and then everyone in your crit- peers and professor- have the opportunity to pick apart what you have made. in my graduate program, i could expect that the critique around one of my paintings could last at least an hour, if not more. that means you, and your art, on the hot seat the whole time- fielding questions, listening to other people pick you apart, speaking in artspeak and defending your work.

some crits are a royal waste of time, others are brutal to one's ego or self esteem, and others are a valuable part of the artistic process. i will admit that i have been reduced to tears in a critique. crits are not for the faint of heart - you are getting reamed in front of friends and rivals. even the art stars in my midst experienced getting raked over the coals at least once, so in some ways it levels everyone, talented or not so much.

one reason i've always liked shows that are like project runway and top chef is that they remind me so much of being in a fine arts program. i can go through people that were in my graduate program and tell you who should be starring in an art reality program-from fellow artists to professors- since many art makers are larger than life, and well, quirky (and often full of themselves.) in fact, i remember sitting with friends & casting an imaginary art reality show with people from my master's program just a few years ago...

FINALLY my dream is coming true: an art reality show is beginning on bravo tonight, produced by sarah jessica parker. yay yay yay- i can't wait for the snarkiness, creating, and critiquing to begin!!! bring on the backstabbing (because let me tell you, there is a whole lot of that in the art world!)


  1. oh awesome!

    I am currently enrolled in an art program and I have the same exact feelings about school and critiques. At times it seems all very, Project Runway-ish, and I seem to treat school as if I am on one of those shows. I think to myself "I know I am going to be bashed for things in my art, but as long as I don't get sent home I will be fine".

    It seems to give me extra motivation when the end of the term is drawing to a close and there is a mountain of work left to do, and the pressure to produce, and you don't know how you can possibly do it all. I just say "Finale three, push through, roll out something stellar, work harder. When I find myself saying "I could be done now" I immediatly think "but I could also spend a few more hours and ramp it up, blow the socks off everyone".

    It's all very competitive. The critiques are hard, and damaging, and rewarding, and then finally this, I can't wait to watch other people get burned at the stake!

    Thanks for posting this I cant wait to check it out.

    I wonder why Sara Jessica Parker though? Seems like an odd choice.

  2. oh i see shes just producing it...ok that makes more sense


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