Wednesday, June 9, 2010

slow & steady

considering the fact that we moved in to our new house on may 9th and baby ruby was born may 24th, we haven't exactly made our house into a home...(yet)

the garage and downstairs laundry room and extra room are disaster zones with tons of unpacked boxes, we haven't hung much of anything on the walls (except for one single paintings in the entire house), and the list of initial to-do's is more than a page long.

my dear friend daphne, who lives far away in michigan keeps asking for updated photos, so as i can i'll post some.

here is the before of our livingroom....

and then the current state(i won't say "after" quite yet since it is a work in progress...):

once we get more done, i'll update these...

off to get very little sleep! xoxo


  1. oh my freaking heavens! i CANNOT wait to see the living room in real life! thank you for taking pity on me and posting some pics. love love love!

  2. I love it! It is so beautiful! You really are an artist- I need you to come and decorate my house, lol!

  3. p.s. TJ sez "wow, they have more furniture than they ever have..."


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