Wednesday, July 7, 2010


these two munchkins have kept my hands full the last few weeks.

here's the thing: i am just trying to figure it all out right now -
the balancing act of being a good wife, mom, friend, artist, freelancer, homeowner
in addition to having time set aside that is good for my soul, time to exercise, time to rest.
it feels a bit overwhelming to be honest.

but in the midst of this crash course in parenting two instead of just one,
i am savoring the little moments that make up our days.

i like being a mom.

i like figuring it all out, even though i don't feel too great at juggling it all quite yet
(most likely i never will feel like i've perfected it,)
i am reminding myself that
spit up on all of my clothes
a toddler who just wants to climb on me and talk to me and play with me
an infant who is helpless without me
washing little bowls & little spoons
exhausting trips to the park, the library, the store
treks to school
in & out of carseats
whining for snacks
little voices, newborn cries
the neverending cleaning up toys and books
loads of laundry full of little clothes
answering questions over & over
last minute appointments at the pediatrician
late nights rocking my little one who can't sleep}
this is such a brief and special season.

my friend hannah has this quote on her blog:

Because how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. -Annie Dillard

so true.
and so i am soaking up these busy, messy, tiring days...
enjoying the sound of my daughter's laughter filling the house...
recognizing that time passes so quickly
and the things that i usually worry about the most matter the least

work, cleaning, organizing, projects, to do lists
will all be right where i left them.

and along the way i'll figure it out.


  1. your words ring to true for mamas everywhere...this one included.

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  3. i think you just reenergized me for tomorrow and made me excited about the everyday craziness in our household of five. It's so true, they grow up so fast and before you know it, you have one starting high school! Lord help me.

    What a wonderful pic of your beauties!

  4. Great post (and I love the quote from Hannah's blog), great picture. Whenever I start to feel like I've got things figured out, like we've got a rhythm and a good way of doing things, Ben goes and matures on me, and the same old same old doesn't work any more. Sometimes I think it would be cool to have another child just because I'd actually know what I was doing the second time around, but of course the second one wouldn't be anything like the first, and as you say parenting two is fundamentally a different enterprise from parenting one, so I'd end up winging it just as much as before!

  5. Hey Susannah,

    I finally found your blog (Carrie helped me). I am so glad to follow, but do you have a basic email feed?

    You can check out and/or subscribe to my blog at

    Hope to keep in touch!


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