Monday, July 19, 2010

our family just kicked it up a notch

{some of my fam: sister rebecca, me, sister-to-be sarah, brother aaron, matt, & my mom.
missing here, my brother jonathan & bro-through-marriage mark plus our kidlets}

in family news,
my youngest brother aaron made a brilliant move and
proposed to his beautiful, funny, gifted, and kind girlfriend, sarah.
she made an equally brilliant move and said yes.

it's an easy equation: awesome + awesome = super awesome.

love these two, and can't wait to have a lifetime of sarah and aaron together!
this is a really good thing.
so happy for and with them.
also, ruby marks two months of joining our family outside of the womb.
right about now i was chilling in my hospital bed, fending off the world's most tragic and frustrating student nurse and snuggling up our sweet baby number two!
i love having two little ones, even though the learning curve is steep...
two months in, and she is as sweet and lovely as can be.
i can't imagine our family without you, ruby.


  1. yeah for aaron. also ruby looks like her papa that is for sure!

  2. yay for a pediatrician in the family! and that pic of ruby is so cute. the prinz gene is strong!

  3. What great news! Thank you for posting...and please wish Aaron a congrats from the Brydon crew! We will have to say it in person (and maybe meet Sarah) when we are there in Sept. Um, i can hardly wait. xoxo

  4. Congrats, and I just had to say that I love your sister Rebecca's dress.

  5. wlecome to the family sarah!!!

  6. this picture is beautiful. love to see your family together (most of them). congrats to Aaron... and Ruby - it is so much fun having a baby sister in the family!


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