Wednesday, July 14, 2010


life tumbles along, and i feel a bit discombobulated. yesterday at little m's summer school, my friend told me she felt like life hadn't stopped for the last three years and all of a sudden it had caught up and was overwhelming. it's like that sometimes when we finally have chance to catch our breath. i'm sitting in the midst of busyness at a peet's coffee, headphones on to push out the rest of the world. i have two hours to work on freelance this morning and again this afternoon and so i am stealing a few of those minutes this morning to pause in this space that i write.

i spotted this link to the simple woman's daybook at deliajude, and loved the format. (lists are the best. if only i could writes lists like this more often- it would be a good way to glance back at my days and weeks and months. then again, i blog...!)

Outside my, buses, passersby, sunshine, hectic life is rushing by.
I am thinking....that i miss making big oil paintings + sitting in my studio.
I am thankful for....sharing good food with new friends on a warm summer evening.
From the kitchen...barley salad, onion tart, grapefruit granita, iced coffee.
I am long sleeve shirt (with reminders of art making on the sleeves), cozy cropped pants, flip flops.
I am creating... memories with my daughters, potential cards for papyrus, space for art.
I am remind myself that my expectations for "accomplishing" each day are unrealistically high.
I am reading..."The Vagrants" (a bit behind schedule for my book club that met last week)
I am live with grace, patience & wisdom today.
I am hearing...Mumford & Sons (thanks Jair)-music that swallows me up & heals me somehow.
Around the house...ants invading in little black lines, little m building "towers" from blocks, my empty water glasses.
One of my favorite things...getting packages or notes in the mail.
A few plans for the rest of the week: taking the girls to summer school, visiting with my aunt & cousin from far away, picking plums, baking brownies, dance parties with little m, many hours of nursing.

Here is picture for a thought I am sharing...
{towers, by m}


  1. I love your list - Funny about Mumford & Sons - Vince introduced them to me a few weeks ago and I had made a copy to put in your package...but accidentally left it out! Glad you already know them.

    Hope you're enjoying the moments that are making up your day today, friend. xo

    PS tell M that her towers ROCK. They make me happy!

  2. isn't nice to sit for a moment and reflect...maybe this is why the list belongs to website called "the simple woman..."

  3. did i show you mumford and sons?? if i did, i am proud to spread the greatness that is them. :)

  4. yes, dear jairald. you did. and i'm so glad. i love them. send more my way anytime!


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