Tuesday, July 27, 2010

lastest hits

m is currently into a few things...
like towers (exhibit a-the crackers+cheese version)
prancing around in my shoes-especially the high ones
more towers (exhibit b-the blocks version)
ponytails and clips
taking care of her babies
oh, and taking care of baby ruby of course, which entails a lot of gazing lovingly and holding for about 13 seconds

and more towers (exhibit c-the wooden city version)
and really, most of all, she is into slaying my heart with her cuteness.
i swear lately she is so funny and silly and creative and delightful.
(except for those nasty temper tantrum whine fests she also has in her arsenal, but i prefer to think that is just her learning how to communicate, although it exhausts me, all of the drama. matt would say that that is quite fitting, since i tend to have a teensy amount of drama buried really deep down inside.)


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