Thursday, July 15, 2010

red velvet cup-awesome-cakes

have you ever had red velvet cake?it's matt's fav.
last week, our friend linda came over and
schooled us in her wicked red velvet cupcake making ways, a la a paula deen recipe.
i decided the cupcake version is even better- a higher frosting to cake ratio.
yummy + pretty- what more could you ask for?
our cute taste tester.
despite her ear infections she seemed to be able to lick the spoon.
m gives the batter a thumbs up

i can't lie- maybe we sampled the frosting too.
linda bears with our hot kitchen and frosts up the cupcakes
{love the raspberries!}

{sprinkles aren't bad either, and are in honor of little m}
hard working bakers, post frost fest
note m's matching cupcake shirt.
don't get that impressed-
i'm not usually that awesome as a mom.
some days you just luck out!


  1. love that last picture--the expression on little M's face as she contemplates that tasty-looking cupcake is great!

  2. um please share the recipe! so fancy looking. and BTW I think the red velvet cake is making a come back or something. i've enjoyed it at many a recent parties and weddings...


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