Wednesday, July 14, 2010

love for us

my cousin in law rose (i can never quite figure out all of those cousin terms) sent us a lovely package this week, little wonderfuls & thoughtfuls wrapped gently in tissue paper.

rose passed along a beautiful handknit sweater that my aunt fern emma had made for her daughter quinn, thinking it would work well for little m. it is the most perfect shade of red, with at least ten buttons that remind me of red hot candies. right away monrovia asked to try it on, and then (despite the very warm day) wanted to wear it until matt came home.

isn't it lovely?
both rose & fern emma are amazing knitters.
(i love sweet moments that happen from miles apart)


  1. Beautiful! I have a friend who knits obsessively, and she has made some great sweaters for Ben. Last Christmas she made a gorgeous orange one -- and unfortunately he flatly refused to wear it. Ever. I was so crushed. I never told the friend, obviously. I'm afraid it's probably too small, now. Oh, well. M looks adorable.

  2. She looks so cute in that color. I love handmade clothes. Darling!

  3. That red looks as pretty on little M as I thought it would! I'm so happy she's going to get some good wear out of it as well; they grow so fast. love & hugs to you all,



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