Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a post-it to my house

dear messy house,

the motivational system in my brain is not functional. it's been a long day, and i just want to sit. so that is exactly what i am going to do.

xo, susannah

*note: full disclosure-these dishes are actually from a super fun blogdate i had with bloggers & friends erin and holly (plus holly's husband ryan). silly me, that night somehow i neglected to take any pictures except for the aftermath of hours of eating good food and lots of great conversations. i have way fewer dishes tonight, but nonetheless, the kitchen could use a little cleaning.


  1. My sink looks a lot like yours on a regular basis. Doesn't bother me. :)

  2. It seems to be one of those sad facts of life; no matter how many dishes you do in a day, there are always more & the kitchen could always use a little more cleaning ... i confess, i frequently leave dinner dishes until morning, and then I do them as I wait for the coffee water to boil.

  3. mark of a good time: not having the wherewithall to remove oneself from the moment to document the moment.

    we must meet up again soon friend.


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