Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3 months of lovin

3 month old snugglebug
happy three months old today, sweet ruby!

you are snuggly, 
patient (when your big sister body slams you or wants to hold you), 
fascinated with ceiling fans, 
full of smiles, 
discovering the delight of kicking your legs, 
wide-eyed at this world, 
happy as can be to nurse at all hours-when you pause from eating to smile up at me,
good natured,
fixated on getting your entire fist into your slobbery little mouth,
my little swaddled houdini- 
you wriggle your way out of a double swaddle and yet won't sleep without it,
and a delight.
stealing kisses at the beach
we really like you around here.
thanks for putting up with all of our crazy shenanigans!


  1. Oh, look at that precious little face! I can't believe she is already three months old- time goes by WAY too fast!

  2. She's a beauty all right!

    We became addicted to those special swaddling blankets that have a pocket for the feet and velcro to keep the whole thing closed. Ben could unswaddle a regular receiving blanket with one well-aimed kick.

  3. Oh my what a precious sweet lil baby she is! I wish I could come over and get my baby fix.


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