Tuesday, August 3, 2010

happy tuesday

happy tuesday!
someone has decided to start rocking a smile lately. melt my heart, why don't you, ruby
this morning we are headed to fairyland! last summer we went to fairyland with m's friend from school, vivian. they were so little back then! and m had almost no language at that point. my, how things have changed in a year!

little m (looking very grownup) on one of the merry go rounds at fairyland last week when we accidentally showed up to meet our school friends a week early. oops! well, we had a wonderful time...just me and the girls!
i love fairyland because it is the epitome of old school, as not much has changed since it first opened years ago. it is the perfect place for toddlers to explore in a sweet, low tech way.

have a great day!

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