Friday, August 27, 2010

oh blog

sigh, vacation is almost over. 

santa cruz, sonoma, tomales bay, ventura, san diego, back to ventura, orange county, and tomorrow, off to fresno.

oh yes, you read that correctly. we are completing our vacay in the glamorous and exciting bastion of heat known as fresno, california.

a little less saucy than san diego, and waaaay more hot than any of the places we've hit up on our trip. however, matt's grandma lives there, and we try to visit her when we can, so off to fresno in triple digit heat it is!

for the record, driving a 1992 toyota corolla with air conditioning that has seen better days with an infant and toddler does not make for the most pleasurable vacation experience. just saying. otherwise? vacation has been glorious. the transportation portion? not so much.


  1. i hate when vacation comes to an end...although there's always a little part of me that longs to get back into a routine. here's hoping that the good parts of coming home will do their magic & make leaving vacation behind a little easier

  2. Vacation. Whats a vacation? You guys deserve one! Hope it was fun.

  3. Yes, AC is a lovesome thing on a summer car trip. Course, when we were young'uns, we never had such fancy nonsense. That was for rich folk. Nope, we sweated it out in the backseat with our thighs stuck to the naugahide and the windows that only rolled partway down, listening to Ian and Sylvia on the cassette deck, and if there weren't no rest stop, mother would hand us an empty soda can and we'd make do, that's what we did, you betcha. Harumph.

    Whoops -- sorry, don't know what came over me. Did you see the sea lions hanging out below the boardwalk at Santa Cruz? I'm glad you had a great vacation.


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