Wednesday, August 4, 2010


this afternoon we have m's first audiology appointment since january. she's been really temperamental lately and it's hard to know if the cause of her whining and fussiness is her ear infections (which she has been getting almost constantly), her implants somehow bothering her (which happened before when 2 of the electrodes had to be turned off), or her just being 2 years old.

i am kind of hoping it has to do with ear infections, because i like that problem more than i like her whining just for the sake of whining...and i like it way more than her implants having more issues. the more electrodes that get turned off the greater the chance that we may have to have another surgery and put in a new internal component.

i feel like these appointments always stress me out - my sweet feisty daughter is not always the most cooperative in booth tests, and i always wonder how accurate her results are. hopefully we'll find out that her implant settings are absolutely wonderful, and that she is hearing as well as possible at this point. in the least we know she is getting a lot of sound input since she is talking so much and hearing even very quiet sounds.


  1. hey sis! I hope the results are good- when do you find out? probrecita!

  2. hmmmm it is so hard to tell with a two year old.....but if I had to bet money on it i would probably chalk up whinneyness due to there being a new baby in the house???? Those first few weeks are such a huge adjustment. Even though she may seem excited, happy and content about the baby (or not) it really is hard for them to compete for the attention that a newborn needs. Hope all her testing comes out ok though. Good luck!

  3. Hope it's not her CI's.

    I love this pic. Her cute personality just shines through.

  4. This age is the worst for hearing tests. Nolan is just now starting to cooperate a little more, and he'll be three at the end of this month.

    I hope the ear infections slow down- Nolan's had a lot of them, too. They can wreak havoc on a little one's temper!

    Good luck on getting everything sorted out!

  5. Oh how I dread audiology appts at this age. We drive well over an hour and the last one we went to, NOTHING. He wouldn't cooperate one.bit.what-so-ever and it's so hard to tell if it's him being two or if he needs adjustments. Lings at home are just as bad, although it's hard to complain because he'd rather count the balls or tell me what color they are instead of "drop them in the bucket!"


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