Monday, August 30, 2010

our very own summer reading program

freddy, ruby, zachary and little m
(note the squinty, scowl-y expression on my face. sadly, that expression gene is strong because m makes that face ALL THE TIME)
This summer Little M did the Summer Reading Program at the Oakland Library. Um, it was awesome. We read books anyway, so just by keeping track she won prizes! First she won a metallic frog slap bracelet. (Remember those?) Hours of fun and laughter all wrapped up in a trinket. Then she won a pack full of coupons: free ice cream at Fentons, tickets to Fairyland, the Space and Science Center, a meal at Pasta Pomodoro. So fun!

We have some neighbor boys who frequent our house. Freddy (9), Jeremiah(7) and Zachary(6) are brothers and they stop by all the time to play or see what we are up to. Sometimes I am not exactly thrilled when they come by and hit the doorbell 53 times in a minute - especially because it tends to coincide with when Ruby has just fallen asleep or when I am miraculously taking a nap.

Right around when M was raking in the big money prizes through the library, the boys came by one day when M was wearing her frog bracelet. They thought it was pretty spectacular & I told them she won it at the library for reading books. I asked if they wanted to read with us, so right there and then we started our impromptu summer reading program on our front porch. Some days Little M was napping or uninterested so it was just Zachary and me, hanging outside, reading books and eating snacks. Today was the first day of school, so maybe our little al fresco reading sessions will be over for good? The only thing is my reading program doesn't come with any dazzling prizes. Just my awesome company.


  1. love it! your awesome company is prize enough!

    welcome home. (:

  2. I love it! I want to move to your neighborhood- you have such an awesome community!

  3. What a great idea! And I *love* Zachary's Beatles shirt! I'll have to show it to Ben. You guys looks so cozy together on the porch. I hope they still drop by on Saturdays.

  4. Monrovia kinda looks like she's telling you that you're reading it wrong. She politely leans and says, "No Mommy, no! Roro read the book"

  5. That picture rules on so many levels.

  6. Absolutely love the whole story! Very inspiring in many ways!

  7. this is totally not on par with the level of your post...but, had to mention, isn't it awesome that ruby can sit up on your lap with minimal propping now? Makes it so much easier:)


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