Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We interrupt this blog for an important announcement:

TODAY IS SUSANNAH ELOYSE’s BIRTHDAY and we have commandeered her blog for official birthday business. As the founding members of the Susannah Eloyse fan club (started back when she was Siouxzie Ruff wearing flannel shirts, collecting Eeyore figurines and playing MASH in Human Development classes to figure out her future husband), we have broken into this blog to let the world know how much we love our birthday girl. After watching her honor so many others on their birthday, we decided it was our turn to honor her! And in the spirit of Susannah, we are starting our own list of reasons why we love Sooz:

1. she writes a witty blog that we read daily (what a great writer and voice for our generation)
2. she is an incredibly loving and attentive mother to monrovia and has done an amazing job of learning everything she can to help her daughter grow. (from wig tape to constant eye contact and conversations, monrovia is a brilliant 9 month old)
3. she is a wonderful lover to her husband (and has taught him the art of snuggle-heehee)
4. she is a intentional and compassionate friend (holla if you’ve gotten a card in the mail or flowers on your doorstep or an encouraging text)
5. she is a talented artist...getting a masters in art, along with grants and awards and special shows to recognize her gifts. The art she makes is thought provoking, beautiful and appropriately priced (buy one today!)
6. she is devoted to her family and makes them a priority each day in her life
7. she can sing, she can dance, she can cook (she’s taken boys) but what a list of talents this woman has!
8. she is the information superhighway. Sooz always seems to be on the cusp of discovering the new technology thru her internet research, reading or connections (she knows everything)
9. she loves to keep learning. from books, to magazines to music to recipes, sooz is constantly challenging herself to learn new things. (want to know why brangelina snubbed ryan seacrest at the golden globes? ask sooz...okay she’s way smarter than those details but we couldn’t resist)
10. she seeks Truth...not just believing what she was told as a child, but finding for herself the meaning of life and how to live life to the fullest.
11. in a world where people need to laugh, sooz is funny. witty, creative and definitely funny. (she’s the rally queen behind many a photo shoot with random props at a hospital or new years eve party)
12. she has a great sense of style! a funky fun dresser who now shares her love of fashion to little m (and one day they’ll share clothes like we did at benevides!)

so these are just the start of the reasons we celebrate Susannah today!
We want you to join us in the celebration! Please add your ‘I Love You’s” to the comment section below for a great birthday blog!

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog entry...


  1. I agree with everything on this post!! Loads of love to my "daughter" MB#2

  2. i forgot to say Happy Birthday Sooz!!

  3. Oh my goodness! You are so tricky wicky!!!! What a fun birthday surprise for me- I absolutely love it. Um, and yes, i can tell you why ryan seacrest snubbed brangelina. hehe sad, i know.

    I am so honored to be blog hijacked.

  4. by the way, your blog entry is hilarious and i think maybe you should take over my blog for me. hehehehe

  5. I love you, Sooz!!!! There's no one I'd rather share my anniversary with. :) I hope you have a wonderful day full of celebrating YOU!

  6. holler! nicely done, ladies ;) sooz - i love you for more reasons than i could list - but this list is an amazing start! you've always been an incredible friend to me when others have not. HYF

  7. Happy Birthday Sooz! Seems like it was just yesterday that we discovered the dangers of the Wall of Flames(tm) at Sundance and enjoyed ER nights at #4. I hope you have a wonderful birthday Siouxzie Cock-a-roach on a steek!


  8. Happy birthday Sooz! Remember our crazy days in B building, Sundance and #4? Where did our Speed video go? I feel so lucky to count you as a friend. I miss you and hope to see you soon!

  9. Love the blog hijacking! Amazing!! Happy Birthday lady!

  10. Blog hijacking, that's a new one! i am so not artsy and linguistic, y'all make me cry.
    But seriously, happy birthday, to such a generous spirit; a giver, a lover, a back rubber.
    OK, enough about that.
    happy days!

  11. susannah is also the best at knowing just what you need after having any kind of hard time - boy break-ups, art rejections, susannah always knows just where to take you to dinner, and what drink you should order and how to listen and how to tell you to pick yourself back up. such a good spoiler of friends you are. love you friend!

  12. Hear hear! Nicely done and...Happy Birthday Susannah Eloyse!

  13. Aww. Love the blog hijack. Happy birthday, Susannah!

  14. sooz, you are so thoughtful and such an admirable person- inside and out- thx for everything you give to everyone around you (including me)! I always have a lot of fun laughing and being silly with you!

  15. that was from rebecca, whoops!

  16. Happy Birthday Sooz! I love this post! I agree with everything on the list and so much more: amazing encourager, warm giver of hospitality, the kind of friend who rejoices with you when you rejoice and mourns with you when you mourn, awesome knot-getter-outer, kind, loving, fun, etc, etc, etc. Thanks for your wisdom, faithfulness, and friendship. And, I hope you're planning to tell us why Brangelina snubbed Ryan Seacrest. Now I'm curious! Have a great birthday and give sweet little m a kiss for me. Kacie

  17. Who are these masked bloggers? I have my suspicions, but would love to know for sure.

    Although I am arriving at your blog a day late, my birthday wishes are no less sincere. (I did manage to log onto your site several times yesterday, but never could actually finish my comment. Sad!)

    So today, the day after your birthday, I say the following:

    I wish to you, Susannah, a wonderful day and upcoming year. If we measure our life by the friends and family that surround and love us, then you are rich beyond measure. A mother, a wife, an artist, an amazing pal to have on a road trip, one of the best story tellers I know, and the only girl who can give me a run for my money when it comes to celebrity are, in a word, fabulous.

    The world is a better place because you are in it.

    Happy, happy birthday.


  18. happy belated. i'm doing the spiderman sign and the asl sign for i love you! hope it was a great day - and continues all week.

    need to learn more about're bigger than perez hilton.

  19. oh so late, but loving the hijack. you are loved, susannah,here and above. i hope it is obvious. i want to add that your friendship is long lasting, persevering over time and distance. thank you. and, another shout out to Sooz--on a whim, she came out to my wedding in Philly, stayed up all night with me sorting out the seating chart while sharing with me exactly what i needed to hear to calm my fears and get me down the aisle. i'm grateful to be married to the love of my life and i have to give her some credit.


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