Wednesday, January 14, 2009

january 14, 1975

34 years ago today my mom gave birth to me in very cold northern maine. it was early in the morning, and 20 degrees below zero when i made my way into the world. (is that why i don't like being cold or anything associated with the morning?) 

every year on my birth day i think about how really it should be my mom getting the special kudos and presents, and now that i've been in labor and had my own firstborn, i realize just how painful childbirth really is! (especially no drugs childbirth, which is what my mom rocked with all four of her kiddos) 

so happy birthday to me, but really, a huge amount of gratitude to my mom, who labored through the night to give birth to me all those years ago, and who has been putting up with my antics ever since. you are a patient, kind, and gracious mother, who has sacrificed a great deal of your own preferences and desires for your children. thank you. treat yourself to some sugary cakiness...

and also, a very special birth/labor day dose of love to my friend hope, who gave birth to her first baby, a little girl, today! such a joy to share in your daughter's birthday. (as an eldest daughter myself, i have a special place in my heart for baby #1 coming out as a girl. my younger siblings may say otherwise...)

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