Sunday, February 20, 2011

hitting the road

bye oakland!
see you in a few days!

matt has study leave this week, so we are heading down south until thursday.

our friends are crashing at our house,
so if you are a sneaky person who reads about empty houses & then steals things,
nice try.
our house will be busy with activity.

enjoy the end of the weekend!
hopefully i'll have time to post while i'm gone.

ps. thank you, sunshine for shining on me today. i missed you.


  1. ha! I like the note to potential home invaders. Let's hang out when you get back while we are still neighbors. Maybe we can take the girls to the park? Or go on a walk to the cafe on foothill? I haven't been there yet...

  2. hey we are heading south tomorrow to the LA area and to the desert. catch you on the flipside!

  3. It got into the fifties here last week, and everyone was walking around in shorts. All the snow melted. But it was just a tease -- we got another foot of snow last night, and now it's 24 degrees. Not that you or any of your readers need to know that. Just sayin'. Y'know, that all the talk of deserts and going south makes me a wee bit jealous. On the bright side, manhandling a snowblower through two foot drifts does make me feel pretty butch.

    Love the sunset.

  4. Enjoy a break from the norm. I hope it's sunny down there!

  5. Hope you're having a fun adventure!


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