Wednesday, February 9, 2011


{this pretty much sums up a lot of life these days- m needing some extra snuggling & ruby needing some extra nursing. love this picture of my little family}

Outside my window...a crisp morning & bright sunshine! grateful for the warm sun after a night of getting up and down with the girls.

I am thinking...of my list of work to get done this morning-freelance, tax prep, the online course i'm taking, to do's around the house (why is the list always longer than the amount of time i have?)

I am thankful for...another morning of life & health, for the sleeping baby up in the crib, for m's independent spirit and strong will, for (small moments of) time and space to think and create

From the kitchen...the low buzz of our refrigerator, lady grey tea brewing on the counter, an empty plate of crumbs (a couple of hours ago it held matt's remaining amazing scones)

I am wearing... a black sweatshirt, a grey striped shirt, slouchy boyfriend jeans, and super cozy sweatery boots that my sister got me for christmas (they instantly make me warm).

I am creating...a typographical poster for the online class i'm taking (more on that in another post!), potential easter card designs for papyrus

I am learn how to become more patient, kind and fair(thanks to aforementioned daughter of independent spirit & strong will).

I am reading...if a tree falls, by jennifer rosner (a memoir written by a mother who has two deaf daughters)

I am hoping...that i get in the habit of making time to exercise more often. dear endorphines, i miss you. and i miss your friends burning calories & muscles too.

I am hearing...the swish and whir of the washer downstairs, the intermittent click of our heater, my fingers on the keyboard and not much else.

Around the house...folded laundry to put away, receipts and files to organize for our tax appointment on monday, little reminders-scattered toys missed during cleanup, abandoned crayons-that we have children

A few of my favorite things...a striking sunrise rising and spreading beauty over our not-always-so-beautiful corner of east oakland 

A few more of my favorite things...getting a real, handwritten letter in the mail (thanks to nicola in way too far away england, i got just that this week! xo), sleeping in, freshly sharpened pencils, a new magazine in the mail, clean sheets, my mom's nobake cookies, sharing a flight of fenton's ice cream with my besties

A few plans for the rest of the week: meeting brand spanking new baby keeran jack, baking some treats for the staff at the elementary school around the corner, mailing out the valentine's m made, knocking out some fabulous new card designs.

what does your day look like today?

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  1. Outside my window: 14 degree weather and waaaaay too much snow. At home: A sick three-year-old snuggling with his Dad. Down the hall: Frenzied math students needing help with their homework. (So I'd better keep this short!) I *love* the family group picture -- all of a sudden M looks so much like Matt. Everyone says Ben looks like me, but I can't see it -- do all parents feel that way?

  2. do you like the book? can i borrow it?

  3. I really need to start writing posts like this. If writing them is even half the enjoyment of reading them I'll love it. It'll either ease my mind or stress it more as I look around and see all it is I need to do. Ah , the life of being a mom. Wouldn't change a thing about it. I need to get that book you're reading too, I've heard it's wonderful.

  4. I too love mail...not bills or junk mail...but a card from a friend or an invitation to a party. I once received one of your cards from our dear friend hannah- it was such a lovely treat!


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