Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day!

i'm home with these two valentines today
(aren't they little munchkins?)
 i am behind on some of my deadlines, so plenty to fill the day- including making treats for m's class valentine's day party tomorrow. plus, i'll be makin some extra treats for our neighbors. (i'm making these!)

meanwhile, this is what our first thing valentine's morning looked like:
 our thematic breakfast- easy with a cookie cutter & red plate...
 a valentine from my love to enjoy while i eat breakfast

 little reminders of today on my mantel

a pretty bouquet from my valentine

i'm not into the sappy, romantic valentine's day. 

maybe i am too scarred by those days back in high school when valentine's day meant candy grams- a brilliant idea by the leadership class or the administration to highlight the divide between the most and least popular or the single and the dating by distributing flowers and candy to kids in the middle of class, all day long. 

candy grams.
pretty much 7 long periods of hoping you got a cheap carnation with a piece of candy glued to construction paper. some people had empty desks, and some people had desks piled high every period with candy-grams from their bff's and significant others. (it's kind of the cruelest form of a public popularity contest for teenagers, especially of the girl variety.) don't get me wrong, i did get and send candy-grams, but i still remember the only time that the candy-gram was from a boy that i liked and who liked me (i was in senora charnow's spanish class when my friend in leadership dropped it off-funny the things we remember); the rest were from other girlfriends or boys who were just friends and single who, like me, didn't want to sit through valentine's day with an empty desk.

fast forward twenty years
(wow, i'm getting old)
 i love valentine's day, not for the love part of it, 
because i know there are plenty of people who don't have valentines,
but just because it is an excuse to bake and do sweet things for other people.

i hope you have a sweet day!
do you celebrate valentine's day?


  1. Wow. Your girls are so dang cute! Enjoy the day full of sweet treats!

  2. I looked and looked, and couldn't find those two cards here! Well, the only rinky-dink bookstore in town stopped carrying greeting cards, so unless it's at the Hallmark store or at Walmart, we're out of luck. I used to have standards, but these days I'm a regular Walmart shopper because ... well, there's nowhere else to go. Sigh. One of those sort of towns. It has its charm, and it's quiet and safe and family-friendly, but....

    Whoops, sorry, I forgot this was *your* blog, not mine! Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

  3. um when you say you're baking treats for your 'neighbors' does that include those of us who live down an exit on the freeway? i think it's still considered neighborhood.

  4. julia-they are papyrus cards, so they carry them at target, some cvs stores, and at

    um, "neighbor" who wants treats? i thought you said "who celebrates valentine's day?"

  5. Good to know -- there's a CVS in the next town over, I believe. I'll look there when we get close to Easter.

  6. Anonymous Blog FollowerFebruary 15, 2011 at 11:43 AM

    I have a secret gift for you . . . Happy Valentine's Day!!


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