Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ruby finally gets something to eat

sweet ruby loves nursing.
but since she turns 9 months old in a week, 
we figured it was time to start her on some solid food a couple of weeks ago.
mind you, m started on solids when she was 5 months or so, 
so we are running a little behind. 
but take one look at those cheeks and you'll realize that ruby has been managing just fine.
these pictures are from the second time she ate solid food...
 as you can see, she was ready. 

 she finally grabs it and tries to eat the final tastes of rice cereal...

 empty bowl, happy baby

 that would be ruby, sticking the spoon in her mouth all by herself.

 killing me with her big eyed messy face
she's moved on to bananas, peas & carrots, although she attempts to grab anything and everything that i put into my mouth, so her next meal may be meatballs & onion tart at this rate!


  1. Ruby doesn't possibly look hungry, but boy is she happy with some solid grub. go girl. let auntie Sandy introduce you to some chocolate.

  2. holy smokes--she is so cute. Those eyes.

  3. those are the most expressive ruby photos i've ever seen. seriously deer in the headlights is gone.

  4. oh those big ol' brown eyes! Love them. and those cheeks are pretty dang cute too!


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