Friday, December 2, 2011

24 hour lieface

today is my uncle martin's birthday (happy birthday!)

i always think of my uncle saying, "twenty-four-hour-lie-face" when you are stretching the truth or fibbing or straight up lying. it's kind of funny, right? i've stolen it.

so, here i am, on his birthday, guilty of being a twenty four hour lie face.
i was big talk last week, telling some friends that i missed blogging, and that to feed that part of my creative self i would be writing every day on this blog. 

whoopsie! well, you win some and you lose some. {in fact as matt spots me blogging right now he says, "what? you're blogging? so much for every day blogging."}

it's friday. it's been a freaking long week. i'm about to crash. but i just hung some of the snowflakes i cut out today and they are so pretty & they make me happy. so this twenty-four-hour-lie-face is also feeling crafty. in a martha stewart way and not a tricky wicky way. 

(thank you internets for online snowflakes how-to's)
happy weekend!

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