Thursday, December 1, 2011

honest truth

i love these two,
with all of my being.

but as i scour this year's photos, trying to find any cute family photos- it doesn't even have to be of all of us-i come up empty!
ok, specifically, a family photo where all of us look cute.
including me.
and that is somehow impossible!

and i'll tell you why:
dark circles under my eyes?
blah hair and no makeup?
check and check.
skin spots thanks to m & r's pregnancies?

being a mom=being hit with the ugly stick.
true story. 


  1. i hear you. believe me i hear you. this year we did kids only.

    hey are you guys interested in borrowing a chicken coop?

  2. seriously. NOW i know why i get so many cards with only kid pictures in them. smart people all of you.

    hmmm and potentially yes to coop- let me check with matt.

  3. Um,sad you would say your husband says, 'I reject that statement!' you are lovely and beautiful in every way. And that's a true story! :) xoxo

  4. We were all primed to take a nice family picture on Thanksgiving day, since we were all dressed up and I was wearing my favorite necklace and Ben's hair was actually kinda neat. And we were all seated on the sofa and my MIL approaches with the camera. And right on cue, Ben rolls into a fetal position and screams, "NO NO NO No NO!!!"

  5. hannah! you are killing me. sometimes my own words come back to haunt me!!!

  6. this is so not true! you are super cute!

    fyi...our card this year is the girls only! ;)

  7. sooz, like you, i now realize why people only send photos of their kids! no wonder! but i've solved your problem...take your photo and somehow 'instagram' it. you know like your iphone app? cause i swear all instagram photos look awesome. maybe it's how their blur and grainey up and recolor the image. i think i look 10 years younger and cuter in every instagram photo. tada! or you can just use that cute photo of your family at the firehouse. your family and daven. haha that would be so awesome :)

  8. How about taking a picture of the whole family from far away and then closer-up pictures of just the girls? =)

    P.S. I think you are beautiful!

    P.P.S. Could your girls be any cuter??

  9. and this is why i love the marsh family. thank you sarah!

  10. they are only cute because you are. true story. the end.


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