Friday, December 16, 2011

get your bake on

well, it's december again, so time to do it again!
(as my friend travis used to say about photos: same people, same poses, different background.)

on your mark,

 get set,

 yes, i made amy pose with sour cream.
 sally, amy's mom, hard at work
while nancy & i pose
(we are far less productive on these bake days than amy & sally. true story.)
 yum yum

you see that tray of almond roca?
you might as well call it crack, because it's that good.
 the cookie pictures are prettier than the ones of tired moms, but i'll included one anyway:
 we tried to introduce baby samuel to the joys of chocolate
 then we frosted while watching glee
(don't judge)
(sidenote: i wasn't really into glee anymore and then i watched the last couple of episodes and it kind of redeemed itself. note to ryan murphy- showtunes? boring. showtunes & old ballads from 1935 = me not watching your show.)

our lucky neighbors and m's teachers and therapist got all of the treats, except for the ones matt managed to sneak.
hooray for treats!

on our way home, i stopped in amy's parents yard to grab a pic of baby Jesus & family.
i like how tired and beat down mary and joseph look.
probably pretty accurate, right?!

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