Wednesday, December 7, 2011

serious double trouble

i love that my daughter has friends
with hearing loss.

it kind of makes my day to see this picture
of her in class with her friend lily,
who has bilateral cochlear implants just like monrovia.
who was born totally deaf just like monrovia.
who is a complete delight & handful, just like monrovia.
who apparently likes to bake pretend christmas cookies with scented play doh, just like monrovia.

my heart goes crunch a little to imagine
when these girls don't see each other in class every day.
but in the meantime,
how awesome is this
glimpse of two very happy (deaf but hearing) friends?


  1. super is what we miss the most about the jw.

  2. cause i've been sitting on this comment/thought for two days and i can't stop thinking about it. cute photo of the girls. but that plate of playdough, looks like they're cooking up some poo. there. i said it.

  3. alright, what can i say- you're right. if only i know photoshop i could change it into blocks or a bowl of glitter.


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