Tuesday, December 13, 2011

sometimes the very best moments in my day
are the most 

the ones that you forget pretty quickly
because they are overshadowed by
everything else that makes up a day.
quite honestly
i tend to miss them if i don't remember to slow down.

so tonight,
long after ruby had gone to sleep,
i combed monrovia's hair for almost an hour.
her curls are a little crazy so i held her in my lap and 
and over 
pulled out all of her tangles
(and when i say tangles, imagine dreads, because that, my friends, 
is what was matted underneath the top layer of her hair. true story.)
as gently as i could.
at first she fought me,
and then she sat still in front of me
until i was done,
her hair was braided
and it was time to go to sleep.

all i can think now is how much i love her:
her wit and sass, her spunk and sweetness, her laughter, 
her impromptu songs and land of pretend, her generosity and kindness, 
her little self plopped in my lap.
i want to write this little snippet of time onto my memory
in a place i won't forget -
sitting with her,
just the two of us,
at the end of the day.


  1. Oh, I love this post. Love finding the joy and appreciation in the most mundane of tasks (such as brushing hair). Also, her braid looks so nice! I love braids on girls.

  2. Beautiful. Thank you.

  3. Too sweet.

    I wish I'd dedicate more time to record the little things.

  4. During this time of year, it is so hard to slow down...and be quiet. Thank you for reminding us all to remember these moments!

  5. just teared up. i love my boys but i will miss this part of having a mother daughter relationship. so beautiful.

  6. this warms my heart. such beautiful moments and thoughts about your sweet girl you've captured here.

  7. love everything about this post. just heart warming and a good reminder to cherish every little thing - because it's usually these little things, that truly aren't, "that little."

  8. i love that i got to see this in action. i agree with amy--i love my boys to pieces but the image of you brushing her hair for an hour and then braiding it is so adorable. She was so melty sweet when i asked her if she liked you brushing her hair. she nodded yes. kill me.

  9. nancy! you commented! i am so proud.

    next up, adriane.
    the ultimate?

  10. love this post. I too love little moments like these...mother + daughter. so special. Great job on the braid too. :-)


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