Tuesday, March 31, 2009

home is where the mess is

as you can see, little m has been car-bound. don't be mislead by this cute picture - she spent a better part of the drive hoem form san diego not pleased. and when i say not pleased, i am referring to a sort of unhappiness that = the constant & blood curdling screams that she uttered throughout the night the first three months of her life. not fun. but in this picture, she posed. such a faker, my daughter.

we are home from our trip to so cal, and well, the house is a disaster, so in order to be, you know, responsible and all that, i am going to clean up and put away all of our stuff while little m sleeps. i'll be honest, i'd rather be blogging, because our trip was just so great: great friends, great meals, great art, great weather & great study leave for matt. 

just so you know, one of my very least enjoyable things in the whole world is unpacking after a trip. it's sort of like putting away folded laundry. granted, i feel so much better when i'm done, but there are about 4,657 things i'd prefer to do first.

ok, i'm off to be a non-procrastinator.


  1. look at that face!!!!!!!!!! how could it possibly ever make an unpleasant noise? HAHAHA

  2. Faking it or not, baby M is just precious. I think car rides are harder for deaf kids. The road noise makes it hard to discern voices, according to my six year old, and then it' just gets tiring for everyone.

  3. elizabeth- i always wonder that, so its good to hear that from you...


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