Wednesday, December 3, 2008

culture club, but not so much of the boy george variety

matt and i are kind of in a book club. i say kind of because most book clubs usually spend the bulk of their time discussing, well, books. my sister rebecca and her husband started it over a year now, and we are 8 members strong: rebecca, mark, luke, jennifer, steve, renetta, and the two of us. 

i suppose we maintain the pretense of a book club by dutifully choosing a book each time we meet, then in the month or two months that we are apart some of us read most or all of said book, and then upon meeting again we take a few minutes to talk about the book…but that's where it ends. in reality, we spend more time talking about the food we're eating, or what else we've read lately, or some completely random topic, so i've started thinking of it as more of a culture club than a book club. no matter what you call it, it's pretty fun to eat well and talk. 

this last weekend luke and jennifer hosted and shamed us all with an epic and thematic meal (latin food to match our book about a dominican-american family). here are a few shots of our night together, from start to finish! the food was truly delicious and the conversation often off topic but still oh-so-satisfying. our next book, chosen by ren and steve, is sarah vowell's new one, the wordy shipmates. you're welcome to read it too, and i'll let you know how the food is (and the book too, of course) next time our culture club meets!

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