Sunday, December 28, 2008

for the love of december 28th

today is a special day because two of my favorite people, keith and rebecca, are turning a year older! i've done a lot of birthday posts lately, and in danger of turning this into a birthday blog, i'll keep this shortish and sweet. 

keith is in the midst of law school, and juggling that world along with being a dad, husband, friend, and musician. (this is a photo of him cheering his wife nancy on as she was in labor) here's to a day of celebration and rest, keith. so glad you're a part of the community that makes up my little world.

my only sister rebecca turns 30 today! she is far away celebrating in chicago, so these are long distance birthday wishes. i was going to list thirty great things about my sister, but i decided that might get a bit long, so in honor of the four years that separate us in age, her are four great things about her. this list is not exhaustive, it's just the first four things that popped into my head - 
  • becca is a super fabulous aunt. she has loved little m from the prenatal days, and continues to be a great support to us now that she's out of the womb. {in fact, she got her the very first onesie: an awesome black johnny cash onesie that could work on a boy or girl. (i ended up stretching it out so we could use it as long as possible.)} bec comes over to visit, plays with m, gets her fun presents, and talks so much about how great m is that she makes me excited about my own kid! which brings me to number two...
  • bec has contagious energy. she lives life fully, and she embraces causes, issues, people, and the world joyfully and wholeheartedly. there is no doubt when rebecca has discovered something that she cares about- whether that be literacy in oakland schools, obama, fonts, a new author, her husband, little m, and so on - that she works with great enthusiasm to introduce said interest to the world around her. i know she thinks passionate is a a four letter word, but i think the only way you get things done in this world is to be passionate, so there.
  • bec has great style. i've always envied her ability to rock some of the clothes/accessories that look ridiculous on me or fit me weird. i swear she can try on anything in a store and walk out looking great in it. um, quick survey of her college photos? lots of super cute outfits, hair colors and cuts. same survey of my college pics? lots of xxl plaid shirts and sweatshirts and shaggy long hair. um, maybe it was technically in style, but not a good look. not at all. also, she always has super cute short haircuts. i, on the other hand, tend to forget to rebook a haircut, so i am stuck on the split-ended pony tail end of the spectrum. we exchange only supercute gifts to each other: nothing practical, just cute. i know if i've found something i want, that i should buy it for my sister.
  • rebecca is smart and anything but complacent. i think as every year passes she has a greater desire for knowledge. she reads tons of books, keeps up on all of the political websites (yes-while i traipse over to the celebrity trash my sister reads all of the smartypants politico stuff), and loves to engage people in conversations about intelligent topics. i really admire her desire to grow in what she is learning as she ages, whether that is in cooking, gardening, politics, history, education...
i just love birthdays because celebrating a birthday reminds me of how thankful i am for the people who make up my life, and for the ways such diverse and interesting people make me better, more whole, able to navigate this world.

{ok, not short at all. sorry}


  1. while i know this is a blog dedicated to the love of december favorite part of this post was the xxl flannel shirt memory. did you also wear your mom's oversized sweaters with leggins or was that just me? love you miss you

  2. i agree with this post. it is very true. :)

  3. shoot! I just got you a practical bday present. But don't worry, it's cute too! Love you sister! Happy bday manana!


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