Monday, May 31, 2010

welcome to home ownership

so, as you know we made the brilliant decision to buy a house the same month that i was due to give birth. and right on time, less than 3 weeks after moving in, ruby was born. of course, since we've moved in we've already had multiple fun adventures in fixing random things.

this weekend matt ended up crawling around in the (appropriately named) crawl space to find the source of a leak and he ended up looking like this..... (not pictured, the assorted bruises dotting his torso and legs. for reals, people.)

i should note that as he climbed out of the ceiling he said, "i'd better make the blog for this!"

blog worthy it is.

and in a completely unrelated but i'm still posting it picture....
matt with baby ruby:
love him. love her.


  1. that is a whole lotta hair and a whole lotta dirty! mateo was on the money...a blog-worthy adventure. leak fixed?

  2. You have had a BUSY month!

    Love the picture of baby Ruby and daddy- just beautiful!

  3. M+r remind me of V+v in those early days - nothing as sweet as a daddy resting with baby!

  4. you take the best pictures you.


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