Friday, July 3, 2009

fast friends!

last week we went to fairyland with little m's friend from school viv, and her mama, hannah. hannah is one of my blogging friends! i think she is a pretty amazing mom; her sweet vivian is the cutest, with such charm. little m only has a couple of receptive words (spoken words that she actually understands the meaning of), but vivian is almost two and has tons, so it was so fun to hear hannah talk to viv and have viv understand respond! (something to look forward to someday!)
little m and viv may be on different journeys, but they are both quite tenacious beauties, with lots of personality and they both have parents that love them a whole lot!

it was a gorgeous oakland day, and even though a lot of fairyland is aimed at little kiddos who are somewhat older than m and viv, they loved every single minute of it! and, they got along swimmingly. the best part of fairyland is that it is an old school pre-disneyland era spot, and many of the exhibits are sweet sweet sweet. it's a charming, non-product-placement kind of spot! little m and viv very patiently enjoyed the day and each other while hannah and i as we chatted away about life and our experiences.
little m was really into watching the ducks,

but she wasn't quite tall enough to look over the fence so she had to peek through the holes

(the girls)

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  1. it was SUCH a lovely day! viv and i enjoyed our visit so very much and look forward to more adventures with you two. i love how you described our girls - they are gems, aren't they? and so are you!


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