Friday, December 10, 2010

advent loving, part 2

in addition to our daily advent activity, aunt becca made ruby and m an advent calendar this year! it is handmade, and is the very first thing m wants to do every morning! the calendar is on a sheet of metal that becca covered in papers to make a cute holiday scene & every day m can pick that day's magnetic object to put on the scene. 

becca put magnets on the back of the calendar so it can stick to any metal surface. 
the girls have lockers in their room, and so it is the perfect spot to stick the calendar, right by m's bed. 
 m moves the little objects around into all different configurations!
 the snowman is three days worth!
 these little ones are m and ruby. daddy and i have little representations too.
all of the days conveniently stick to the back of the calendar! 
so cute!
m loves to play make believe with it already- the biggest issue is that she of course wants to see all of the magnets at once & has a hard time waiting until the next day!


  1. ummm super cute!! wow- who's the coolest aunt ever!!!!!j/k (a little)

  2. okay, the creativity that oozes from you ruff girls is sickening! your kidlets are some of the luckiest around and the "coolest aunt ever" certificate is definitely well deserved.

  3. That is amazing!!! I love all the advent activities you guys are doing.

  4. you could definitely sell that idea. it would be all over the pottery barn catalogs next year!!


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