Monday, December 27, 2010

oh blog

i'm still here. 
with lots to say, and lots to show. (shocking.)
but it's sort of one of those weeks when people go and frolic instead of surfing the internets.

so, what say you?
should i just call december done and done and wait til january?
or will anyone actually read posts if i write them this week?

i'm talking to you, all you non-commenters and commenters alike.

(uh, you realize you can comment as anonymous, right? which, when you think about it, really gives you no excuse. it's kind of like listening to public radio every day and never pledging, to blog read and never comment. ok, maybe not, but i thought if guilt worked for npr, maybe it would work for me.)


  1. post away, please! I want to see and read about all your december happenings - crafting party, nativity play, etc...get cracking on those! (:

  2. i even do posts about your posts when you are incognito. Funny how that is. At least write some soliloquy's about your daughters, or your trip to Ventura.

  3. take a break or don't...just release yourself from the pressure you are more than a blogpost or 2. of course we love hearing from you but a break is good too...for your health.
    also, i just discovered your bro's blog via his comment...i want to be in the ruff family!
    oh, unrelated, the word verification is:shall

  4. I always love reading your posts and will definitely do so whenever you post something!

  5. pictures are worth a thousand words...would love to see some of your cute little girls at the holidays. (blurker=friend of hannah's)

  6. guilt on NPR worked for me! and, helloo, we all have more time this week to read blogs right??? :) well maybe...

  7. I want to see pictures from your Christmas! We've been enjoying the quiet and gently falling snow of Christmas break (sledding today: woo hoo!), but it is supposed to rain over New Years and I need some reading materials.

    Also, now I feel guilty and need to pledge some money to keep Car Talk and All Things Considered on the air. Sigh...

  8. i check your blog every. day.
    and i like it when you have new posts. but sometimes i just read the old ones. xoxo

  9. i check your blog every day and have it on my 12 grid mac set-up...whatever that is called. it is a priority!
    please don't stop.
    <3 your creeper girlfriend :)

  10. too much drama and backed up emails at work. would much prefer to read a post from you!

  11. Sounds like your audience is ready and waiting! Actually, what with travel and holidays, I've gotten behind on all my blog reading (not to mention posting -- ah, faint and fleeting dream). I hope you had a good Christmas, and enjoy the beginning of the New Year.

  12. I love your posts, but don't feel pressured! x


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