Tuesday, December 7, 2010

right now

(we all need time to sit small & rest)
Outside my window...darkness.

I am thinking...of how it is late, and how quickly the morning will come to begin another day.

I am thankful for...these moments of sitting on the couch next to matt, in the quiet of our livingroom as he reads and i write and the girls are sleeping upstairs.

From the kitchen...the low buzz of our refrigerator & one more round of dishes to wash (matt washed a few rounds already today-i take no credit)

I am wearing... a black sweatshirt, black legwarmers, cropped yoga pants, and over it all-a wooly blanket to keep me warm.

I am creating...even if i can't paint for hours every day in a studio on a huge canvas with oil paint. (oh, but i miss the smell of oil paint)

I am going...to wonder how this season of life raced by so very quickly.
(reading with my mom and little brother 
when i was m's age and johnny was ruby's age.)

I am reading...our book club book-hopefully i can knock out the last hundred pages by the time we meet this weekend!

I am hoping...that i get some fantastic baked treats on my doorstep this week (hint, hint amy nicole)

I am hearing...the sound of aimee mann's christmas album on my headphones. oh yes, my friends, i am testing out christmas music. (thank you daphne for sending me multiple festive offerings to try out. anyone else want to send me a copy of your preferred tunes? i'll gladly give you my address...)

Around the house...half finished projects in various states of undone-ness. (editorial note: what's new- that is the story of my life.)

A few of my favorite things...a blank page & the time to fill it, getting a package in the mail, homemade caramel sauce, laughing with matt, alizarin crimson, when ruby rests her little head on my shoulder, the song 'o holy night'

A few plans for the rest of the week: figure out my kids art class for next week and my crafting/eating/hanging fest i'm hosting the weekend, a parent-teacher conference at m's school, catching up with friends i haven't talked to in a bit.

what are 
you doing right now? 

(format taken from here...the simple woman's daybook.)


  1. Oh, wow -- alizarin crimson is hands down my favorite paint color, too! Well, a really good cerulean blue is a very close second, depending on what it's next to. Van Gogh did magical things pairing cerulean blue with various peachy oranges and pinks. I've been trying to get that juxtaposition for years, and never quite pulling it off. But you just can't beat good old alizarin for impact when you need to assert yourself, and nothing but a shocking transparent stain will do.

    And oh, the smell of oil paint. Spending 5 hours at a stretch in the studio during college, coming home and still smelling that earthy, oily smell in my clothes. Love it.

    And I *love* Aimee Mann -- somehow I missed that in your list of responses. I'll go check it out.


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