Monday, December 6, 2010


this brief trailer is for a book called "if a tree falls," by jennifer rossner, who has two deaf daughters. i've included an article she's written on the topic before on this blog. when we first read this article it was so spot on that we just sobbed. suffice it to say that her words are powerful and beautifully written and resonate with me.


  1. we need to have a discussion about our deaf daughters and books and such. seriously. also, i am going to link this and i must get my hands on that book and chat with her...

  2. i agree. she came at spoke at jwposd, but on a day when when matt took monrovia. he talked to her a bit. i haven't read the book yet, but did read an excerpt that was in good housekeeping or women's day...

  3. Crying!!!

    What a lovely excerpt. Thanks for sharing.


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