Monday, December 6, 2010

old school

(back in 2003 to get you in the mood for this post)

don't worry- just because i went from a flurry of posts to nothing at all doesn't mean i've disappeared. it just means that i'm playing hard to get. in the meantime, maybe you can peruse these ancient oldies but goodies from back in the day!

i don't think this has changed much at all. 

take that, rewind it back to two years ago!

alas, i don't think i've done much improving here...

and in case you don't know who would be at my celebrity sleepover

and finally, one of my original rants (and it still drives me crazypants!)


  1. if you're going to recycle your posts, i will have to recycle my comments i'm sorry but kate winslet is coming to my slumber party with claire danes. also i thought you had invited minnie driver too? or are you guys not friends anymore?

  2. i am still bff's with minnie; i almost included her, but i already had too many pictures. plus, she's busy with her newborn son....i love that you remember that


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