Wednesday, November 19, 2008

but green is good for you!

this feels a lot like a parenting blog lately, but i couldn't resist these funny pictures of little m in the ring against green beans.

the other day before little m's speech therapy appointment at her school, we hung out in the family room and tried round two of feeding her green beans. round one had been a failure. complete and total rejection. our little hungry hungry hippo, who eyes any and all food items and tries to stick them in her mouth, and who can eat and eat and eat, pursed her lips tightly and flat out refused the green beans. so. we tried again. we figured she'd do well in therapy if she had just eaten. but eating usually means you actually consume something...

as you can see, it basically all ended up on her face. that's right, out of the entire bowl of green beans, maybe a teaspoon or so made it into her actual mouth. or... so i thought! when we finally gave up on the beans and went to clean her up she parted her lips and using her tongue slowly spit out anything that had miraculously gotten past her closed mouth. so really, she successfully avoided eating a single bite of green beans. sigh. don't worry, we're attempting the green beans again; miss anti-veggie will ultimately not defeat us! 

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