Saturday, June 4, 2011

call me the crazy grandma carrying the mini umbrella

it's been a rainy saturday. 
and when i say rainy, i mean bucketloads of rain & dreary.
this morning i got SOAKED running from my car into a store & back again.
serves me right: 
i had m's hot pink ruffled kid sized umbrella in the back seat, 
but i felt stupid carrying that without any children, 
so instead i became a human sponge.
also, it's june.
just saying-cold & pouring rain in june?!

so, we are playing inside:
i asked m to smile and she sighed, "mommy, i have no smiles today."

i'm sure the rest of this post will be a gripping update on the state of my hair.
read on.
i've tried to embrace my greys.
i got my first one at 25, and now i have countless greys throughout my hair.
save your "but i don't even see them!" because you do. 
and even if you don't, i do, and that's all that matters.
i really hate them. 
but the last few months i have held out on putting more color in my hair 
to see if i could rock the grey look. 
some days i was ok with it, 
wednesday night i decided i couldn't handle them anymore.
so i washed that grey right outta my hair.
(if only i could wash away my wrinkles.)

self portraits with newly brown hair:

it makes me happy.
hopefully someday i will come to terms with my early-grey-hair genes 
(as in, when other regular people also have as many greys as i do) 
i won't be that crazy 89 year old woman rocking purple hair or really dark hair with bright white roots.

also unable to come to terms with the following genes: 
slow metabolism, dark undereye circles & pregnancy belly stretchmarks.
but what can i say? 
i have no choice in the matter,
and i have some good genes scattered in there too.

what genes do you wish you could've left behind in gene mixing pot of your mom's womb?


  1. okay a. you can rock the grays but regardless, hair color=fun. so have fun. 2. you have great genes, look at your beautiful kids. and finally, grays and wrinkles aside, you are timelessly young for spending all tuesday in the coliseum parking lot.

  2. um, i know. anyone who wants to coem visit me in the parking lot as i wait to get into the u2 concert is more than welcome. i'll be the one with the child-sized umbrella and no roots.

  3. i have oodles and oodles of grey hairs on my head...i am outwardly embracing the grey but inside dream of dreads or bright red hair. ack. motherhood and old age.
    love your hair!

  4. The hair rocks! Lovely rich color.

    I come from a long line of big-butt women. I will *never* be able to embrace this. Thirty minutes a day on the elliptical won't shift it.

    As my mother says, the women in our family have a broad understanding.

  5. ill come visit you in line. Just tell me when to be there. I hear they are pretty legit from the front row. just saying....

  6. Please. My hair hasn't been even close to "natural" in 15 years. Embrace it! :)

  7. It looks cute! I also have the early-gray genes. My grandmother was completely gray by the age of 28, my mom was totally gray by 35. I am only partially gray at 33, so I'm hoping that I'll outlast them! I suspect there will only be another year or so until I really need to wash that gray right out, though.


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