Friday, June 24, 2011

the worst ever.

just the other day i thought to myself, "we haven't really experienced a crazy sick experience with the girls yet (as in throw up, other messy bodily functions etc etc.)"

funny that i had that thought-

not really funny haha, more like funny ironic.

in the middle of the night wednesday, some monster came alive in my body and i raced out of bed to the bathroom, where i spent a significant amount of time.

i'll spare you the details, of which there are many, but soon after i got sick, so did both of the girls. we think we ate something that rocked our worlds.

short version?
a. my husband is a rockstar. he changed his work schedule around to stay home and take care of us, since i was basically incapacitated for 30 hours. meanwhile, our daughters were also getting rid of anything and everything in their little bodies. i'm not kidding you, he caught throw up in his hands multiple times.

b. let's just say our girls don't know how to throw up yet. so, lots of changes of bedding and pajamas and clothes later, we have a full load of sick-laundry.

c. being sick is just gross. i mean, really gross. especially throw up sick. especially when you are as sick or sicker than your kids.

today we are on the mend, but i think i have a new least favorite genre of parenting activities, far outpacing some of my other least faves of parenting- packing for a trip, ear infections, sleep training, and long roadtrips in the heat.


  1. try flying (solo) with a vomiting toddler, deaf infant, full flight when you are recovering from 4 days in bed with the flu. not fun. God did send an angel.
    feel better soon.

    we are in the throes of sickness too...more in the lung infection dept though!

  2. oh goodness-that sounds so horrible!

  3. ai-yi-yi. Ben's never had really atrocious flu, but he's had a few vomiting-type illnesses here and there. Deeply unpleasant. This is why we have washing machines and Resolve upholstery cleaner. (Seriously, it works.) I hope all of you are better soon.

  4. oh, susannah, this sounds terr.i.ble!

    so thankful you're on the mend...and so thankful you're not having to mend when it's a bajillion degrees out!

    miss you guys. xo

  5. oh no! we had that a few months ago and it was terrible! hannah still recites what color everyone's throw up was. I hope you all feel better soon!

  6. oh no, fluffy! those are not good times. at all. i hope this means you have put in your time and won't have to deal with another round until waaaaaaaaaay later. xo


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