Wednesday, June 8, 2011

oh goodness

i am so very tired, 
after a very eventful day yesterday waiting in line for the u2 concert.
i have lots to say,
but for now 
i will say


is not really what it is about for me.

my fussy baby
is nap striking 
this blog entry is not really happening.

i am a walking zombie.
what are you up to today?


  1. Well that certainly explains why concert ticket prices are so HIGH.

    I would take a smaller set at half the price, most days. I'm sure it was amazing, nonetheless.

    Adriane and I went to the Giants game last night, drove past you all at the Colisseum. The Giants was a lot less spectacle than U2!

  2. Wow - what a night! Also, a bad day for baby to go on a nap-strike. I hope you get some rest soon!

  3. Sooz..... Please reassure them of the spectacle in which you were lucky enough to be a part of. They will never know what it really means to be a U2 superfan until you can really describe it on your blog. The concert was Amazing, the waiting in line not so much, but it was part of the experience. I'd do it again in a second! Waiting for the entry, mine won't suffice.


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