Thursday, June 9, 2011

i'm a man & other issues

this is a crazy week in our house: 
u2 concert madness, 
our friend is getting married & we are heavily involved 
(as in, matt is officiating, i'm singing 2 songs, and m is a flowergirl), 
and it's m's last week of school.

my throat is raw and i'm all stuffed up thanks to a cold and singing my heart out at u2 
(i kind of held back and didn't get quite as into it as usual.)
very inconveniently, i sound like a man.
my voice is so low-
i have no idea how i'll sing these songs in front of hundreds of people
when i sound like my brother.

not to mention that this morning i am a fountain of tears:
i'm at m's school this morning writing thank you cards to m's therapist and teachers 
and all i can do is cry
at the gift that is my daughter speaking, listening & singing.
so much is due to these amazing women who have poured their expertise and love into my daughter.
as today is m's last day of class i think about how much i love 
this school, this place, these people, these families 
who walk the road of deafness with me and who have opened up the world to my daughter.

quite a week.


  1. I feel the same way about Noah's teachers. Lump in my throat every time.

  2. The title of this post made me laugh ( you so don't sound like a man!) but the words in your post made the tears prick my eyes. When I am out of denial enough to allow the tears to flow I am really in trouble...

  3. If you were A man, you'd be THE MAN!


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