Monday, June 6, 2011

that's right, the day is finally here

well, my friends, the time has come to do this all over again, except this time closer to home.

i debated this time around, i mean...
i have two kids,
including a baby who still nurses multiple times a day,
but in the end,
after a couple of pep talks and glances in the fun mirror,
and the reminder that i would regret not going...
i decided to just do it already.

i mean, when i was 16 i slept in line overnight (yep-sleeping bag & all) to get my tickets from the wherehouse music store (remember those?) at 10 am on a sunday morning, so to have a view from outside of my front door of the actual venue and not be there at the concert would be pretty tragic.
so what if that was over half a lifetime ago?

so almost a year after i was supposed to get to use them, 
(although seriously, the logistics of that were ridiculous and totally impossible, 
since ruby was 3 weeks old-what was i thinking??)
i'm putting these to use:
i will be sitting in a very long line all day-feel free to bring me treats & good wishes.

{also, late breaking update-
not just 1, 2 or 3 ruff siblings will be going to this concert, but all 4.}


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