Friday, June 17, 2011


1. i thought m was downstairs with matt
2. matt thought m was upstairs with me.
3. it was very, very quiet.
4. suddenly we realized that 1 & 2 meant that m was somewhere all by herself.
5. matt opened the bathroom door and i heard, "oh m, what have you done"
6. it doesn't look like much here, but our very quiet daughter had snuck into the bathroom and proceeded to condition her hair, the tub, her hands, the floor and a towel with half a very large bottle of my very expensive conditioner.

7. she's never felt so silky smooth!

happy friday!
hope you get into some nice, clean trouble yourselves this weekend!
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  1. i feel guilty loving this because I don't have to deal with the repercussions, but I have to say I love every part of this very sweet story and pictures. xo to you friend!

  2. Oh, I just laughed for five minutes straight!!! Ultimately it'll be worth the price of a new bottle of conditioner, plus the effort of cleaning up the mess, to have a great story like this to tell her future prom date. I bet she won't have a single split end or fly-away for six months at least.

  3. been there, done that! only it was makeup. and twin boys. (:

  4. but how cute is that gal of yours!!

  5. yes sneaky seems to fit 3 year olds. I remember when Andrew snuck a few items from my nightstand, including the (ahem) personal lubricant.

  6. 1. her hair is so freaking awesome...even with lots of conditioner in it.
    2. i like the initiative she took for washing her hair...did she handle the water/rinsing part okay?
    3. um, what about her implants?
    4. i love your daughter(s)


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