Wednesday, June 1, 2011

rain, rain, go away!

this equation is not working for me: 
june 1st and raining buckets outside.

in order to remind my fellow soaked bay area friends that the sun will come out again,
today's post is sponsored by our recent trip strawberry picking, 
where there was not a drop of rain in sight.
our friend daphne, toting along her son ishmael, was visiting from way too far away michigan, 
and so we went on a family adventure!

it was almost exactly two years ago!
it was ruby's turn!

it reminded me of the book blueberries for sal, 
since ruby was gobbling up the strawberries almost as fast as i was picking them!
 hard at work picking strawberries
 and sampling them along the way
 m was a very good little picker (and sampler)
sometimes you have to really hunt for the ripe ones!

 ruby had her fair share!

 picking strawberries really makes me appreciate the people who work in the fields all day long harvesting fruit, and the luxury it is to just do it for fun!

 the evidence of m's crazy sample fest!

 heavy laden with ripe, delicious berries we went to another farm to pick a few cherries
 ishmael, up from his nap and ready for cherries

 m's haul
 ruby grabbed her own bucket
 nothing like more samples!

lots of hard work=naptime all the way home

come out, come out, wherever you are, sunshine!

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