Monday, June 20, 2011

we have a winner!

we have a winner for our lovely & amazing giveaway!
so many examples of lovely and amazingness in our lives-
thanks for sharing your many examples of people either going through really hard stuff, or that make others lives a little better, or that somehow make your own life more whole.

it made me want to make more artwork to send to each one of you!
instead of choosing from examples that were equally wonderful, 
i turned to a random number generator that picked...
which means daniella,
who lives far away from oakland in seattle
(and is pretty l & a herself)
will be getting a little something in the mail soon to share with her mentor barbara.

congrats, daniella! (and thanks for your nice comment)

let me know if you guys liked having a giveaway & next time i craft something up, 
i'll do another giveaway, just for fun.

also, we'll see, i might just rock two posts today-
i have my u2 post waiting in the wings, 
so check back in later if you need a little more blog action on a monday.

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