Friday, April 20, 2012

anatomy of a good day

in completely non-chronological order, since these photos did not so much load correctly:

hang time in the sunshine with a dear, usually across the state, friend
husband making the drive with me to m's school
(this view is looking out on the bay as we cross the san mateo bridge)
running on the beach with our kids plus two kind-of-like-our kids
holding hands with my sweet ruby girl under a canopy of redwood trees
sitting on this lovely beach in a lovely cove
the joy of small ones at morning music at school
the comedy of trying to capture photographic memories with children
my ruby is a little snuggler-
giving almost 1 year old luke hugs
with teensy flowers (picked and gifted to me by little m) behind my ear, 
a moment with my husband
my little family
sand beneath my toes
the sound of waves, polka-dotted bathing suit & this little girl
incredible beauty of a tree in bloom
(i love spring)
yummy breakfast & discovering a new-to-me spot
sharing the morning with another dear friend
a cappuccino,
even if the day is too warm for a hot drink

life is not always as lovely & picture perfect,
but grateful for the days that are just right.


  1. Is the new-to-me breakfast spot worthy of a return visit for a much overdue Christmas gift?

    1. it IS! but it is also in santa cruz! so a bit of a trek...


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