Monday, April 16, 2012

this weekend- the good, the bad, and the ugly

this weekend we had a little fourth birthday party for m.
it was really poor planning, 
since matt was out of town for friday and saturday.
somehow i thought i could manage corralling two small children 
and making a party happen.
matt and i are usually a good team when it comes to parties,
so i was missing him.

luckily this party was smaller than the ones we usually throw, and i had a lot of help-
(my mom took the girls for part of the day on friday 
and then yesterday before the party i had helpers come early to help me out)

the good:
so just maybe i come up with visions for how things should look at a party 
(former roommates and husband are not allowed to comment on how true this is) ;
when m told me she wanted gold & pink, i embraced it! 
(since the alternative was princesses, which i was not as excited about, 
i was happy to make pink & gold happen. 
plus i showed her a pretty glittery cake on pinterest and she loved it, 
so i got out of making a cake covered with "princess faces and dressees" 
like she initially requested.)

a sneak peek at the decorations:

i glitter sprayed these pink globes we had and strung them up in our livingroom
and made bunting out of pink and gold glitter paper i got at the craft store
 to string throughout the downstairs.
then i made a pretty pink cake for m...
baked cake layers in the freezer
i sort of loved how it turned out!
i made hearts out of the extra bunting paper & 
sprinkled the top with pale pink sanding sugar over the white buttercream frosting.
and then inside it was pretty pink ombre!
the kids decorated party hats

the bad:

i told matt yesterday that our children are vessels of destruction to our clean house.
me, trying to get ready for party?
them, destroying every area of the house that they can,
the ugly:
as usual, ruby takes tumbles here and there.
she took a nasty fall on saturday, landing on her forehead really hard.
i took this picture about 30 seconds after she fell,
her bump got a lot bigger and yuckier looking real fast.
note the vertical scar in the center of her forehead- that's from another tumble.


  1. It's been a while since I visited here, but my curiosity got the better when I got Emily 's newsletter. Happy birthday you dear souls! I'm sure it was wonderful :).

    We also had a birthday for Levi. I dressed up as a pirate and they all threw water balloons at Noah. It was good but I spent too much of my week preparing. Trade offs :)

  2. I want a pink & gold party! That cake and all of the decor look amazing.
    Happy belated birthday Monrovia! Hope we get to see you guys soon.

  3. you always seem to throw a good party.

    hey i have a couple chicken you want them?


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