Monday, April 2, 2012

home sweet home

(ahem, this post should also be known as the poor man's house tour a la apartment therapy since i took these pictures with my phone)

i've known my friend luke for about 15(!) years now, and jennifer, his wife, for...i'm going to guess six years, but it may be longer than that. 

{seriously people, the longer i live the more years just swoosh on by. 
exhibit a: my 20th high school reunion is in june. what is that?! i'm old. i know you already knew that since my favorite show is parenthood & my head is occupied by LOTS of grays, but still.}

besides being wonderful, kind friends, luke & jennifer both have great all around taste (including choosing my husband to officiate their wedding-
which took place when truly itty bitty little m was only ONE week old!) 

they had a housewarming last week and it was such a great party- beautiful house, really delicious food and drinks & fun people (old friends and new acquaintances) to talk to.
(how cute are jennifer and flora? 
my picture of luke & matt didn't turn out so well, 
so just imagine flora as a thirtysomething male)

right when you walk in, they have this awesome gold chandelier 
(i told you they should be on apartment therapy- they rocked some gold paint & a lot of labor to change a white ikea fixture into this glowy-ness:)
their house has this crazypants view of the bay. see past those trees out the window in their playroom/familyroom?
it holds nothing to the view from their livingroom, and 
since i used my phone you can't tell, but it's an amazing view.
just believe me.
believe me in a when-the-sun-sets-you-see-the-entire-san-francisco-bay-and-the-freaking-golden-gate-bridge-kind of way. it's kind of magical.
seriously, how cool are these airplants that they made into artwork on their wall?
they have all of these lovely little touches in their house.
let me remind you that we have been in our house for two years as of next month,
and we have about 45 million things to do.
they have been in their house for a few months and it looks like this.
i want to swap houses with them for a month to see if when i come home 
they've sprinkled some of their fairydust all over our home & transformed it.
(why yes, succulent lover that i am i couldn't resist these pretty little numbers)
love this action in the bathroom
(i am partial to the gray walls since we painted our bathroom black!)

killing me with the bedroom. 
i wanted to take a nap at the party so i could just hang out in here, but i resisted.
(i've always loved those star lights.)
yes, more succulents. 
it was raining- and not exactly in a misty or sprinkling sort of way, so i peeped this from their bedroom.
(pretend you can look out that front window)
chatting it up
snacking it up
it's not a party without one of these:
our friends' son valentine snuggled up to matt
and then before we headed out, into the night to wish our friend renetta a happy birthday, 
matt strummed on flora's pink guitar.
here's the thing. pretty houses are great and all, 
but luke & jennifer's place, in all of its modern vibe, is homey, warm and feels like them.
 so glad they are our friends (it helps that i love them, or else i would have a full-blown case of houselust) & that we could help warm up their house!
good people + good food + good drinks + good music + good environment + an extra dose of good thrown in = a wonderful night


  1. i love the mid century mod vibe but really the feel one gets from this post is a the house is a home, full of folks, fun and love.
    you should do a mini house tour of your house!!

    1. it's so true nicole- they are just such thoughtful, generous & kind people, and their home feels like that! i'm game for a house tour....although in its current state i'd need to put a few things away since i've been blogging for a while this morning and ruby has had her way with the downstairs in my distractedness.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, -your friend the 38 year old male Flora.


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