Tuesday, April 3, 2012


today has been a weird day. 
was working late last night (until 2:30 am to be exact)
and found out via facebook
that one of my friends from high school died suddenly on sunday.

i haven't seen him in years,
but we would chit chat sometimes on facebook, 
comment on each other's pictures,
and he'd post dreadful early 90's pictures of us where he looked cute 
and i looked some kind of awful.

and then this morning got news that a dear one had a crushing discouragement.
that seems to be going around with people i love.
and when you can't fix the hard stuff it just makes your heart bruise too.

suddenly my perspective on my exasperating, long parenting, behind in my deadlines, exhausted beyond belief, extra time in the car kind of day shifted, and it didn't seem so bad after all.

hope  you experience glints of beauty and hope even if you are having 
a rough day, week, or season.


  1. Yeah. Just heard tonight that a good friend got a bad diagnosis. Feeling pretty devastated about that, but it certainly put the kibosh on my own personal whining.


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